Who are we?

  • We are a nonprofit research organization headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • We focus on scientific, technological and socio-economic innovations that improve livelihoods in developing nations.
  • We incubate and support innovations and turn them into successful business startups.
  • We provide consultancy services to inventors, investors and innovative industries.
  • We collaborate with institutions across the globe to conduct research and produce peer-reviewed research articles, patents, and academic theses.

Research Projects.

Cutting-edge research in Nepal.

We focus on the cutting edge, yet simple and cost effective scientific and technological research projects. Our research aim to produce tangible results to help solve problems that matter to Nepal, and other developing nations.

Incubation Projects.

From the lab to the industry.

Our technological research projects always aim for a definite invention. The inventions and innovations are incubated further and valorized to generate a value. Our projects also aim to support socio-economic and technological entrepreneurship with plans of concrete start-ups.

Get Involved.

You decide!

Be our intern, a member, a volunteer, a donor or a well-wisher. We are incorporated with egalitarian principles and provisions of guaranteed public involvement. Public engagement is not only our core value, but also our key asset. Our members are not all scientists but from different backgrounds. Get involved.

Sanjeeva Sharma

(M.Sc, BSc) Psychiatric Nursing

 Ang Dorjey sherpa

(BBA)Tourism entrepreneur.


Arjun Aryal

Licentiate (M.Phil), Environmental scientist and activist.

uttam nakarmi

(BA) UPVC frame and metal works entrepreneur

Rajiv Dhakal

(B. Arch, MBA) Architect and entrepreneur.

Niru Tripathi

(MSc., B.Sc ) Nematologist, Agriculture scientist

Gopal lama

(MBBS, MD) Physician and Resident pathologist

Sajid shah

(BBA) Agriculture and paper industry entrepreneur


Chintan Manandhar

(M.Sc., B.Sc.) Agriculture scientist

Avyudaya lamsal

Chartered Accountant

Ashim DhakaL

(PhD, MSc., B.Tech) Spectroscopist, Photonics instrumentation engineer

An example of our diverse and young membership of experts and entrepreneurs. 


A miniaturized photonic system is a technological revolution in the making. We are participating in this revolution as one of our major research projects is based on this theme. Miniaturized integrated photonics, and their use for spectroscopy is one of our core expertise.

An integrated electronic circuit, as in every electronic devices, is a well-known examples of a monolithic integration where several electronic components and functionalities are miniaturized, integrated and fabricated together on a single substrate. Integration simultaneously reduces the size, inefficiencies and cost of the integrated system. With the advent of integrated photonic devices such as laser diodes, a white light emitting diode (LED), IR sensors and CMOS cameras embedded in our mobile phones, the complexity and opportunities with the integrated photonic components is remarkably growing. This has opened up several applications in telecom, and biochemical sensing and other consumables.

Our scientists have recently published peer-reviewed journal papers in reputed journals like Materials (MDPI Publishing, Basel) and  ACS Photonics (ACS Publications Washington DC), about their work on the integrated photonics.

Contact Us


You can visit us in our main office and laborotory facilities in Devisthan-marg 5, Goldhunga, Tarakeshwor-5, Kathmandu 44611, Nepal .  You may also write us in the same address, though the easiest way to reach us is to write an email and send to info@pinstitute.org. We are soon opening registered contact offices in Ghent, Belgium, in Youngstown Ohio, USA, and in Sydney, Australia to enhance the interactions and involvement of the broader national and international public. We heartily invite you to interact with us about our projects, propose potential projects, and apply for membership and internship. We also encourage you to donate to our organization or one of the specific projects.


You have to absolutely contact us if you ...

  • ... have a research idea. We are willing to discuss, peer-review, and develop it further. Remember: no idea is a bad idea.
  • ... are already running a scientific project. We are keen to collaborate with you;
  • ... are an academic institution. We are open to collaborate to produce academic thesis and/or peer-reviewed scientific articles;
  • ... are an innovative business and wish to consult a diverse group of scientists and experts. We are willing to help your business with our expert network.