We accept donations of goods, money or services for (a) overall maintenance of the institute, (b) specific to a project, or (c) for any other specific purpose relevant to our activities. When making the donation, any applicable specific purpose can be stipulated.

Membership fees

The fund collected from membership fees will ideally be maintained in a savings account. However, this fund may be used for daily maintenance of the institute and to run a project, if funds from other sources are sort. The fund collected from the membership fees will not be used to pay the salary of the institute staffs.

Voluntary services

We heartily welcome you to apply for voluntary services for any projects or purposes you deem yourself suitable for. Please lookup at the Career page for available vacancies or to apply for such services.

Project specific grants

Being a recent startup, as of now, we have not received any project specific grants from any funding agencies. We are currently writing research proposals for project specific research grants from several research funding agencies, industrial and academic partners around the globe.


Pledgefunding is a new method of crowdfunding social projects by means of pledges to pay in a future time. We invented this method to primarily fund expensive scientific equipments needed by our projects. The major rationale for inventing this funding mechanism is to promote direct public engagement and improve the donation experience while removing third-party such as a crowdfunding website from the middle. The method works as follows.

  1. A donor pledges to contribute a certain amount of money for a specific purpose in a project (e.g. buy a certain equipment). The donor will be requested to earmark the pledged amount in his/her own bank account (or a private piggybank) for a certain amount of time (e.g. at most six months).
  2. As soon as the total amount of the money pledged by several donors reaches the amount required for the purpose, the donor will be asked via an email to wire-transfer the earmarked money to a central local fund. The fund will then be used for the specified purpose, the donors will be acknowledged and will be notified with the details of the expenditure.
  3. If the total amount of money pledged by all donors within the next six months is insufficient for the purpose, the donor can un-earmark the pledged money.


(in the order of our preference)

  1. Directly in our account maintained in Nabil Bank with the following information:

    • Phutung Research Institute
    • Balaju, Kathmandu-16, Nepal
    • Bank AC number: 3701017500538
    • Swift/BIC: NARBNPKA

  2. eSewa account number 9802084408 (Phutung Research Institute).
  3. Check or cash, in our office.
  4. Western Union Money transfer. We have setup an online receiving and accounting system to simplify transfers. Please keep the transfer slip safe until we acknowledge receipt of your transfer.

Note: We are in the process of integrating with online payment services like eSewa, SCT nPay, PayPal, and credit card API to ease online payments.