Rijan Maharjan, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Rijan Maharjan
  • Office: Biophotonics Lab, Phutung Research Institute, Balaju-16, Kathmandu 44611, Nepal
  • Phone: +977 01 5115106
  • Email: rm [at] pinstitute [dot] org

I completed my Ph.D. from Yale University (New Haven, CT, USA) in May 2018 where I studied the rheology of hard particle suspensions with Eric Brown. I worked on identifying and quantifying the time scales under shear present in shear thickening systems. I also worked on characterizing the unusually strong response of cornstarch suspensions in water under impact, a property that allows a person to run on the surface of cornstarch and water

Before working on these non-Newtonian fluids, I worked on turbulent boundary layers with Daniel Sabatino at Lafayette College, while getting my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. I worked on the free-surface circulating water channel, where I studied the generation and auto-generation of hairpin vortices in a laminar boundary layer using 2D Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV).

Aside from fluid mechanics, I am also interested in mechanical design and manufacturing, metalworking, manual machining, and motorsports.